Friday, September 14, 2007

Liam Has Turned 2!

There is so much to say, I don't know where to begin! Liam is almost 3 feet tall and weighs 33 pounds. He is in the 90th percentile for height and weight. He is still learning sign language and he is quite the handful! He is so smart and uses so many words and sentences, it is hard to remember he is not older. Liam can identify shapes, and can count to three. His favorite word is no, but he has a vocabulary of 300+ words. He loves the movie Cars ("Mater? Mater?)" and Finding Nemo. Liam loves to play with anything construction related, his new drum set, Mr. Potato Head and his Legos. He still loves to read. His absolute favorite thing to do is to play outside, (Outshide?)
He calls Chris' parents Papa and Gwama, and calls the "B" grandparents, Papi and Choo Choo. We had all these elaborate plans that my dad would be Grandad, and my mom would be Grandmalinda, but Liam had his own agenda! Papi, is what "Papa B" turned into and "Choo Choo" is because my Mom visits on the train. Liam is already into girls. He has a total crush on the Pastor's 9 year old daughter, Morriah. When we tell him we are going to church he always says, "Church? Ry-uh, cute, cute." and then flirts with her shamelessly. Well, that's all for now. As I mentioned in my last post; I hadn't written in so long because I tore a muscle in my back. It is finally healing and I am able to sit for longer and longer. More pictures later.

Friday, September 07, 2007

This Ought to Tide You Over

I will be posting many many pictures and stories very soon. I tore a muscle in my back so it really hurts to sit infront of the computer. It is finally easing. I have so much to tell you! Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sheer Joy

Chris began his new job as a HE Mechanic recently. Here are some pictures of Liam riding in Bulldozers and other earth moving equipment. Man he was starstruck.

Driving the Equipment

More Fun with Bulldozers

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Such a Big Boy!!!!!!

Liam loves the water. The one with the life vest were rented a boat for our TENTH anniversary and had a blast at the lake. The other one Chris took him to a nearby river. The river, he just had a ball walking along the shore and smacking rocks with that stick you see him holding. Oh, and shortly after the picture was taken of him in the life jacket, he fell asleep sitting propped up by his life jacket. It was so funny and cute. You might wonder why Chris and I would take Little Man on our anniversary trip 1) We waited 8 years to meet him and couldn't bear going somewhere we knew he would love and 2) We took our 30 foot trailer with us. It has door on the bedroom. Nuff said. Til later!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I love this picture

Beach Babe

Liam went to the ocean (finally!!!) for the first time June 21st. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. He ran right in and stayed; he loved it. I can't wait to take him to the beaches near Papa and Grandmalinda's (or Choo Choo as he calls her.)

Why Yes, I am Bragging

Liam in 3o pounds, 34 1/2 inches (almost 3 feet tall!!!!) He is in the 80th percentile for height and weight. He is supposed to be able to say at least 50 words. At last count he is at 160 and over 10 signs in ASL. He can even say several 3 word sentences. He is soooooo much fun right now, it is unbelievable. And, to my delight, he is getting more and more snuggly. I am at work so I will write more later, Bye!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am not a jerk! I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!

I have been working sooooo many hours as a dispatcher lately, I haven't had much time to take any pictures, let alone download them. I will try to do better. My camera is kind of starting to suck, and not take as good quality pictures. No more excuses. I will try to do better. Here are some recent ones.


Liam loves to play in the "OOL".... There is no "P" in it.... We hope...


Oh man, I never get tired of Liam-kisses!

What Can I Say, He is Health Conscious...

She is Still Grandmalinda, But...

Liam calls both of his Grandpas "Papa" and yet as much as he adores his Grandmas, he won't call them anything. Well, he calls Great Grandma Mary "Mamary" that's it. This is especially odd, because he loves to name things. He sits down with photo albums and points out, "Mama, Daddy, Neena (Xena), Ri-yee (Riley), Bay-yee (Bailey), Gaggy (Gabby (the 4 dogs) Papa" and then just points and the grandmas. Finally, a few days ago he pointed at Grandmalinda and said, "Choo Choo!" At first I thought it was a fluke but he did it again. You may say, so? But last time he saw his Grandmalinda, she left on the train. Brilliant!


I am constantly amazed at how much imagination Liam has already. At 21 months, I didn't know that he could pretend things. I love it. Here he is feeding his Bear. He also pretends to fly like and airplane, pretend eat food, pretend there is water inside his toy box. He is even making up his own signs in sign language. Awesome.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Reading With Poppa B

Big Shoes to Fill


Can You Find the Liam in This Picture?

He may have too many toys....

Thank God; He's Still Got Some Rolls

The day I notice all those rolls and dimples have disappeared I will cry.

Sweet Angel

Liam the Lion

Rooooooaaaarrr! That is what Liam whispered into the mirror when he saw himself in his brand new towel.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lil Stinker

I LOVE this picture!!!!!!! I forgot to mention; if you leave a comment, it will take a bit to show up. I enabled something called "comment moderation." I have to approve all comments through my email. I did that so I could keep just family and friends comments only.
And on a completely random note: Liam calls all food, "Manna." Isn't that weird? At first we thought he was calling everything by his favorite food--bananas. But he calls bananas "Manana" and that sounds very different. He is very specific about calling food Manna. Chris and I joke about him thinking he will be left in a desert somewhere...Like manna from heaven? I don't mind it at all, because I know exactly what he wants when he says it! Here are some other new words I have heard recently: Diaper- (Di-er), Cow, Thank you (To-to) What is that-(Wuh'sat?) Keys (Key-key) Water changed from wa-wa to "wa-tee" Riley, (Ri-ee) Bailey (Bay-yee) Please (pees) Big car (Biiiiiiiiig Ca), Again, (gen). Out (ow, ow) which I sometimes confuse with...well.."Ow." Bike (Bah-kee) moon, (moo), blanket (ban-kit). He loves to say Hi! and Bye! Now at appropriate times. He repeats just about anything you say, once. When he goes poop, he points to his diaper and says "Poo poo" and today he pointed at his....self and said "Piss!" Which I know for a FACT no one taught him....Now if I could just figure what on earth he is saying when he points at nothing and says, "Boh-hee".....

Who Do I Call, Mama?